Friday, 16 May 2014

Smashbox Full Exposure Palette

Smashbox Full Exposure Palette - £36.00 - Available from Boots

A while ago I was having a browse around Boots, as you do (well as I do way too often) when I spotted this little beauty of a palette. This is the Smashbox Full Exposure palette and isn't it beautiful?
I think I'm a little behind on this one because I have a feeling this palette has been around a while, however I've actually never paid much attention to Smashbox up until now, but better late than never, right?
 I still thought I'd share this with you all, it's too pretty not to and I think this could be my new favourite palette!
When it comes to eye shadows I love a good nude palette, the Naked palettes are like my babies, I love them and could not live without them which is why I was drawn to this palette because it has a great range of nude eye shadows. As you can see it has a lovely selection of shimmery shades that are all soft, easy to blend and not at all gritty, the coppery one is gorgeous and the champagne one makes a beautiful highlight shade, however my favourite thing about this palette is the fact that it also has a great selection of matte eye shadows. I feel like a lot of palettes, including my beloved Naked palettes could be much better if they included a couple more matte shades. The Full Exposure palette has seven matte shades and they're all gorgeous, all of them are creamy, really easy to blend and amazingly pigmented.
Not only are the eye shadows themselves amazing but I have to admit I love the brush that comes with this palette too, I'm never usually a fan of the brushes that you get with products but this one is actually really good and one I'll actually use. The packaging is also really nice and sleek and comes with a really handy, decent sized mirror inside.
I can't believe I'd never tried any Smashbox products before, after being so impressed with this palette I'll definitely be checking out more of their products now. If you have any recommendations for Smashbox products then let me know!

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Friday, 25 April 2014

Models Own Speckled Egg - NOTD


It's been a while since I've done a NOTD post or raved on here about a nail polish, that's simply because I honestly haven't found any that I've absolutely loved for ages. I'm a huge nail polish addict though so when I do find one I love of course I have to share it with you all.
I had an email a while ago now from Models Own showing off their brand new Speckled egg nail polishes, I of course had to check them out immediately. Not knowing if I'd like them I only ordered the one shade. (which I now really regret because I want them all!)
The shade I got is called 'Dove' which as you can see is basically a baby pink colour but, it also contains lots of chunks of black glitter. As you probably already guessed from the name of this nail polish ('Speckled egg') it's meant to look like a speckled egg.. in fact, it reminds me of mini eggs, which is a good and bad thing.. good because I love mini eggs but bad because it makes me want to go and eat mini eggs whenever I wear this polish.
Over all I love these polishes, they are so, so cute and absolutely perfect for Spring. They also last a really long time. I wore this polish for over a week and had hardly any chips at all which is amazing for me because a lot of polishes chip really easily on me.
I'm really tempted to go and buy another one in a different colour.
If you're interested in Models Own Speckled Egg polishes then you can find them on their website and I think in some Boots stores and they're £5.00 each. 

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