Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Lush Haul

Lush is definitely another addiction of mine, I can't walk past Lush and not at least go in for a browse and to have a sniff of all the products.
Just after Christmas I ordered lots of lovely things in the Lush sale but just recently I used all of them up, so of course I had to go and get more! I was so happy when I went into Lush to discover that they had all of their Spring and Easter bath bombs out. After saying last time I wanted to try more things from Lush, such as body lotions etc I actually only picked up bath bombs and bubble bars (again).

Golden Egg Bath Bomb £3.50 & Wonder Woohoo Bubble Bar £3.95

How could I not get these? They're so glittery! I'm actually pretty scared to use these because you only have to touch them slightly and the glitter gets everywhere, so I'll probably come out the bath covered head to toe in gold glitter! I can't stop smelling them because they both smell so delicious - the egg smells like chocolate and the wonder woohoo smells like chocolate orange.

Brightside Bubble Bar £4.50 & Secret Garden Bath Bomb £2.50

When I saw Brightside it reminded me of the Comforter bubble bar which is amazing, it gives you so many bubbles and you can use it more than once so I decided to give this one ago. It smells amazing, really fresh and almost citrus like which will make a nice change as a lot of these other products have sweet or floral scents. Secret Garden is a favourite of mine, it's such a cute little bath bomb. As it's fizzing in the water it releases flower petals! 

Mumkin Bubble Bar £2.95 & Rose Bubble Bar £2.95

I haven't used either of these products before but they are both and smell amazing so I'm really looking forward to using them. They both smell amazing too but neither of them have a really overwhelming smell.

Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb £2.95 & Bunny Bubble Bar £3.25
First of all I just have to say, how cute is Bunny? Again I've never used this before but I couldn't not get it because of how cute it is. Again Bunny doesn't have a strong scent but more of a mild vanilla scent. Fluffy Egg is one of my favourite bath bombs, it smells absolutely amazing and will make your whole bathroom smell amazing. It also gives you pink bath water which is definitely a winner in my eyes!

Have you been to Lush lately? 

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Friday, 11 April 2014

I'm a Candle Addict..

As the title basically says, I love candles. Especially scented candles. Every room in my house has at least two candles in and I'm always burning them! I thought I'd show you my recent additions to my candle family. I wouldn't normally do a haul kind of post on candles but these four are amazing so I thought I'd share anyway.
First of all are these Yankee Candles (which I think are limited edition for Easter 2014). I saw them a while ago in a shop and kept telling myself I did not need them as at £19.99 each you could say they're pretty expensive for a candle.. but I recently went back and smelt them and just couldn't leave without them. Bunny Cake smells delicious and really, really sweet. White Chocolate Bunnies I think smells like Christmas Cookie, which smells exactly like cake and cookie dough - yum, who wouldn't want their house to smell like those things?!
These next two candles I found on eBay by accident, I was drawn to parma violets because although I don't like eating parma violets I do wierdly like the smell of them, before I checked out of eBay I decided to have a browse and see what other scents they did and I was also drawn to Blush, probably because it was pink! In case you're wondering, the parma violet one does smell like parma violets!

Do you like scented candles? 

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P.S. Apologies for the fact my blog layout hasn't been behaving lately, a brand new one is on it's way asap.. :)